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A Message
From Our CEO

Originator & President of Omega Financial Services since 1998. Certified Commercial Banking NYU, Certified Commercial Underwriter MBA, Certified Commercial Consultant

“The cornerstone of our success has always been our commitment to tackle the financing obstacles that stand between the borrower and their goal. We take pride that we have created a niche market to help borrowers, small and large, qualify for the appropriate loan product. Our seasoned staff is dedicated to navigate the lending landscape for our customers every step of the way and take the stress out of financing. We have been doing this for over 20 years, and our repeat business and referrals speaks for itself.”

Omega Core Values :

  • Commitment
  • Service
  • Dependability
  • Efficiency
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty

Omega Financial Services

"Omega Financial Services, Inc. is a non- supervised, multi-state direct endorsement lender based in Union, NJ. We are licensed to operate by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance and the New York Department of Services. We are delegated by HUD to underwrite, close and fund FHA loans in the areas where we are licensed, and we are approved to originate NJHMFA loan programs. We offer a wide variety of financial Services, specializing in residential and commercial lending. "

Our History and Founding Values

" Our founder, Adel A. Michael originated and founded Omega in 1998 on a foundation of integrity and with a commitment to customer service. He is a certified Commercial Banker, Consultant, and Underwriter, with an MBA from New York University. He is a member of The National Association of Mortgage Brokers, The Civil Service Association and a founding member of Vistage Group 4338. With a strong foundation and the help of his team of high quality professionals, Omega Financial Services has grown from what was once a smalltime Mortgage Broker, facilitating originations for our partners and servicing only the Metropolitan Area, to a full-service Mortgage Banker with clients in 40 states nationwide. The ability to close mortgages in our own name, use our own in house teams and funds, has given us an edge up in our business. It has allowed for us to greatly improve the quality and speed of our processes and continue to grow our business. We remain rooted in our values, as our business is a reflection of our character We are proud to be licensed in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania "

Overcoming Challenges Since the Beginning

"With a quarter century in the lending industry we are leading in experience, expertise and resilience. Though we have been able to maintain our business, we are no stranger to falling on hard times. During our time in business we have survived the attacks of September 2001 that left our country in turmoil, the recession of the early 2000s that left millions unemployed, the housing market crash of 2008 that devasted the banking industry, and have remained a survivor through the global Covid- 19 pandemic of 2020. We see challenging times as an opportunity for innovation, to see new perspectives and to get a deeper understanding of who our clients are and how to better serve them. We know that in order to compete in today’s dynamic and ever-changing market, we must continue to respond to new business opportunities, maintain a flexible business approach and cater to the niche markets of our business model.

We Are Dedicated to Our Community

In 2004 Omega Financial Services, Inc was awarded by “Valores Humanos” for our educational efforts within our community. Today, Omega Financial Services, Inc remains a dedicated member of its community by offering resources and seminars to educate the public. These seminars serve to provide the opportunity to network with professionals and to discuss topics surrounding the Department of Housing, mortgage terminology, being a first-time home buyer and repairing your credit. We maintain our integrity by remaining transparent in the information that we provide for our community, and that is why our clients trust us to be a part of such an important process in their lives. We know that the road to home ownership can be stressful and we do our best to ease this process by bringing dedicated, topnotch and certified professionals and resources into our community. Our philosophy is that as our community grows and becomes more knowledgeable about the mortgage process, our business will continue to grow by expanding home ownership opportunities.

We Work for You

At Omega Financial Services client satisfaction is at the heart of our business, so it has become our mission is to put our clients first. Building good business relationships and creating partners is important to us and it allows us to maintain our reputation of a being quality business. We work hard to consistently meet the requirements of our clients and to provide the highest quality financial solutions for their unique situations. We are prompt in our business and customer service and are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of our clients. By putting our clients first, we ensure that they are 100% satisfied with their Omega experience, because here at Omega you are family.




Fast Facts For You

Over $100 Million in loans funded
More than 5,000 families served
More than 8,000 satisfied clients